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To jump start your Ecommerce business, we will build and advertise your Web Site!  We will also give you insider techniques on how to mass market your new web site.  Selecting 1 of 5 banners (illustrated in the pull down menu on Get Your Website below) links your web site to PMISAVINGS site. Each time someone clicks on your banner, purchasing the Official Form, earns you $10.00. No phone calls to make!  No letters to write!  No appointments to keep!  All of this is included at no additional charge with your membership!

Not only is this easy money with no work on your part, but each deposit to your ClickBank Account represents a lucrative commission to you of up to one monthly mortgage payment when you offer to: Help homeowners complete the form to remove PMI for no cost out of pocket if they agree to apply their savings as extra payments to principal.

Nothing could be easier, better for the homeowner or more lucrative for you!

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You must read and comply with our Privacy Policy. Acceptance and use of the PMISAVINGS Business Opportunity constitutes acceptance and agreement with this policy.

Get Your FREE Web Site

Use your Member Number to activate the Free BWMA Member Website. If you do not have a member number, Click the Link above for our Online Form. Or you may call 1-800-248-8840 and we will issue one to you.

Open Account at ClickBank

It's FREE, so that deposits can be made from online purchase of Official Form. Your ClickBank "Nickname" will be your BWMA Member Number with a Zero in front of it. If you do not have a BWMA Member Number - call 1-800-248-8840 and we will issue one to you.

If you already have a Web Site and want to earn a Referral Fee via a Banner Link,
Click Here.

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