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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to download your $19.95 Official Form?
A: Save you time and money - knowing exactly what to do to cancel PMI and possibly save money ordering an appraisal.

Q: Whose fault is it that PMI got so far out of control?
A: Ask lenders, they say PMI companies. Ask PMI companies they say lenders??

Q: Just how profitable is PMI?
A: Fannie Mae this year will net more money than the entire United States Government. (Did anyone say who is out of control?).

Q: Why can't I just go to my lender and get a form for cancellation?
A: Simply because ... they do not have such a "form".

Q: Do I need Official Form to drop PMI?
A: Yes - If you want Cancellation expedited.

Q: Why can't I simply go to my lender and cancel PMI?
A: Your Lender does not want you to drop PMI. They will give you the run around ... Plus request that you get an appraisal (which you may not need using the Official Form).

Q: Do I need an appraisal?
A: Click on Appraisal Alternatives.

Q: What if I try to cancel PMI on my own?
A: Click on the Remove Tab above.

Q: How easy is Official Form to complete?
A: As easy as downloading it off the Web. Within 15 minutes you will be on your way to saving money.

Simple ~ Easy ~ Quick ~ Instructions

Click the Form tab above for the Official Form.

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