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Removing your PMI...

Canceling or Removing PMI without the help of Official Form may be an expensive proposition. It cost Gene Hanson, a congressman from Utah over $3,000 in attorney fees to cancel PMI. (See Articles)

How much will your attorney or accountant charge you for:

  • Obtaining proper procedures and format (which the official form provides) to cancel PMI
  • Determining if you qualify
  • Defining what information is needed and what is not
  • Locating and documenting required information
  • Researching Approved Appraisers
  • Acquiring and purchasing certified copy of appraisal
  • Continuing to pay premiums during costly approval period

Click Here You can either pay more and get less without the help of the official form or purchase and download information required to be on your way to saving money today!


Filing for cancellation without Official Form, remitting incomplete, or inaccurate information, could delay removal.

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